College & Young Adult Network – C.A.Y.A.N.

Director: Sister Christal Corey

C.A.Y.A.N. is an acronym for ‘College and Young Adult Network’, pronounced like the spice Cayenne, and is known for its spicy flavors. Cayenne pepper has a variety of health benefits, one of them is to improve blood flow in the body. We are a group of young adults that are determined to plug into Jesus’ blood flow and follow God’s paths for our lives all while enhancing the body of Christ. When the youth of the Abundant Life Church of Christ reach young adulthood, they move from the S.A.L.T. Youth Ministry to “CAYAN Pepper” enabling them to stay effective and spicy!

C.A.Y.A.N. is that collaboration of College-aged students and Young Adults who will strengthen, and lift each other up. Meetings and group outings help to keep us in contact with one another as well as group chats to make sure everyone is informed at all times on planned activities. Communicating and making sure we continue to build one another up as we go through college life and as young adults in the world. We are committed to the church and its growth. We show our support as young adults by participating in church functions and giving our input.

We are grateful to have this network to help foster spiritual growth, maturity and a solid foundation for young adults.