Apostle Steve I. Foreman, Founding Pastor


Richmond, Virginia

Steve I. Foreman has been called and sent forth with authority to faithfully represent the purposes and intentions of Jesus Christ.  He serves the Body of Christ as a Pastor of Pastors and an Apostle of God.  He is the founder and former Senior Pastor of the Abundant Life Church of Christ, a thriving and innovative, non-denominational fellowship in Richmond, Virginia.  He and his lovely wife, Lady Olivia Foreman, have been pastored for fifty-three (53) years.

Apostle Foreman orchestrated the forming of the Abundant Life Ministries, Inc. where he is the chief executive officer.  Under this corporate umbrella, many effective ministries and community services are in operation.  Apostle Foreman serves as the spiritual father and covering to many pastors and their churches state side and abroad.  In 2004, he developed and oversees the Christian Apostolic Network (C.A.N.) which is a fellowship of churches and its pastors.  He, as the Chief Apostle of the Christian Apostolic Network (C.A.N.), provides support, training, counseling and encouragement to senior pastors.  Apostle Foreman’s influence and leadership reaches across the seas on the mission field to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, spread the gospel and bring deliverance in South Africa, Kenya, South America, Trinidad and beyond.

Apostle Foreman is a visionary who is in tune to what God is doing in this last day by incorporating the use of media and technology as an outreach tool.  He and his wife have had radio and television broadcasts to help deliver the Gospel.  A native of Petersburg, Virginia, Apostle Foreman earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University.  He has also received an Associate Degree in Christian Science as well as two (2) Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degrees, the latest given in August 2007.

After displaying thorough knowledge of the Scripture and many years of preparation and experience in the ministry, Apostle Foreman was ordained as an apostle in 1993.  He and his wife are international speakers who travel extensively throughout the United States and various parts of the world, ministering at churches, conferences, and seminars and in the mission field.

Apostle Foreman has the heart of a father with a deep love and loyalty to the Kingdom of God.  He exemplifies humbleness, patience and a servant’s heart.  His full head of gray hair is a symbol of his wisdom and counsel that he has shared over the many years.  This powerful preacher and masterful teacher operates in the gifts of prophecy, word of knowledge, healing and deliverance with miracles, signs and wonders following.

Apostle Foreman and his wife, Lady Olivia, have five adult children and ten grandchildren.  Their children are Steve III (Bonnie), Adrian “Gary” (LaTanya), Tonya (Isaac), Kimberly (Otis) and Monique (Ira).  Their children, along with their spouses and grandchildren are active in ministry.  Apostle Foreman and Lady “O” reside in King William County, Virginia and are dedicated to spreading the Gospel through creatively sharing the unadulterated Word of God.